Catholic Education Foundation


The Catholic Education Foundation of the Southern Tier is a nonprofit 501(c)3 public charity that was originally established in 1975 to support the efforts of Catholic schools in Broome County.

The current fifteen member Board of Directors is active and meets regularly. It consists of leaders from throughout the Southern Tier of New York, including John Mirabito, Eric Olsen, Richard Bucci, John Dowd, Joe Carpenter, Mary Ellen Salanger and Sue Burtis. Foundation assets are rapidly approaching one million dollars.

The Foundation seeks donations to support the causes as originally intended by its bylaws, namely the Catholic Schools of Broome County, Religious Education and related programs. In doing so it creates a unique opportunity to seek donations supporting a spectrum of Catholic educational programs while establishing a mechanism to allow input from both the Diocese of Syracuse and local supporters.

Two major events the Catholic Education Foundation sponsors each year are the Green Tie Dinner (March 7th, 2014) and the Hengel golf tournament every June (June 19th, 2014). These events alone raise over $100,000 to benefit Catholic Schools of Broome County every year. The Catholic Education Foundation also grants $15,000 to our three elementary schools each year to support our annual car raffle.

With the continued growth of assets, the Foundation will generate enough funding through endowment to grow opportunities for children to attend Catholic schools, advance and enhance the educational institution, support new Catholic education goals and programs and sponsor college scholarships for our graduates, 100% of whom attend an institution of higher learning after graduation.


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