Annual Giving


Every Gift Matters

Did you know that a $100 gift to the Alumni & Friends Annual Fund contributes as much to Catholic Schools of Broome County’s annual budget as a $2,000 endowed fund? Yes, Annual Fund gifts are that important.

When you make a gift to our schools, you join hundreds of alumni, parents, friends, students, faculty, and staff who support the Catholic Schools of Broome County Alumni & Friends Annual Fund each year. All of those gifts—most under $50—add up in a big way.

What is the Alumni & Friends Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is a key source of expendable support that impacts virtually everything at Catholic Schools of Broome County.
Gifts to the Annual Fund:

  • Provide tuition assistance for deserving students
  • Improve classrooms at all four of our schools
  • Enhance our academic programming
  • Support our Christ-centered environment that emphasizes Christian love, respect and discipline


There are so many reasons to give to the Annual Fund. Here are just a few:

  • You think changing the life of a student is a pretty good return on investment.
  • You understand that our 100% graduation rate and 99-100% college attendance are the strongest recognition of Catholic Schools’ quality.
  • You know that Catholic Schools depend on Alumni & Friends Fund support because parish contributions and tuition cover only part of yearly operating expenses.
  • You want to give back to Catholic Schools because Catholic Schools have given so much to you.
  • You’re celebrating a reunion this year, and you appreciate the support of your Alumni Office.
  • You and family members have generations of alumni from Catholic Schools.
  • You love Catholic Schools of Broome County.



So the real question is, why not give to the Alumni & Friends Annual Fund?


So even if you can part with only a few dollars, you can still do your part for better Catholic schools. And since you can designate your contribution for tuition assistance, any academic department, student club, boys’ or girls’ sport, you can support what matters most to you. And 100% of all gifts stay in Broome County to work for your schools.

Every gift matters. Make yours today.


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